Thursday, January 8, 2009

Electronification of medical Records, Privacy

Labortech 2008 University of San Francisco

Electronification of Medical Records, Privacy and Genetic Tracking

Linda Ackerman, Privacy Rights Attorney

Julian Peeples, Communication specialist, CSEA 

Union Busting, Labor Journalism and the Future for Media Workers

LaborTech 2008 University of San Francisco Dec.7, 2008

Dick Meister, Journalist, labor reporter, KQED, SF Chronicle

Peter B. Collins, AFTRA, Air America Radio

Peter Philips, Project Censored

Leroy Jackson, NABET, CWA Region 5 Vice President

Sara Steffens, Northern California Media Workers Guild 

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Internet Telephony - Open Source for Labor

LaborTech 2008 University of San Francisco

Internet Telephony; Cell Phones and Open Source for Labor

Todd Davies, Stanford University, Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility
Eric Goldhagen,

LaborTech 2008- Labor Culture

Labor Culture and Using the Internet

University of San Francisco Dec 6, 2008
Jack Chernos, Labor Musician & AFM 6 and Colette Washington, CNA/NNOC On-line Communications

Thursday, February 1, 2007

Anti-War Meets Anti-Union Busting Jan 27, 2007

The coalition between the anti-war movement and labor against the war staged a powerful protest at the historic San Francisco docks to demonstrate solidarity against Hornblower's union busting tactics. Speeches by SF labor leaders and anti-war activists. 56 minutes

brightpathvideo - labortech co-production

Monday, January 1, 2007

Defending Community and Public Radio and Television

Eric Shackelford-CWA, NABET, KQED shop steward, Maxine Doogan-KPFA engineer and Labor Collective Rep, Dorothy Kidd-USF Media Studies Chair.

How entrenched forces within the governing elites of public media are strangling independent voices and new programming ideas. LaborTech 2006 Conference at USF, Sunday, Nov.19, 2006.

56 min.

Saturday, December 30, 2006

Workers Tech & Class Struggle Around the World. Part2

Fred Bruggeman from Aircraft Engineers International delivers a talk on preparing for a strike at LaborTech 2006, USF November 19, 2006

20 min