Monday, January 1, 2007

Defending Community and Public Radio and Television

Eric Shackelford-CWA, NABET, KQED shop steward, Maxine Doogan-KPFA engineer and Labor Collective Rep, Dorothy Kidd-USF Media Studies Chair.

How entrenched forces within the governing elites of public media are strangling independent voices and new programming ideas. LaborTech 2006 Conference at USF, Sunday, Nov.19, 2006.

56 min.

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Robert said...

This was a most interesting program.

I was very upset when KQED Forum presented 1 program about the name change/voter rights issue--

The case was made by management on the program that decisionmaking at the station would be streamlined by dropping member elections. Facilitating speed of decisionmaking-- isn't that the classic argument against democracy-- and for dictatorship?

Thank you for posting news about this meeting at Indybay.

Also, the quality of this website is excellent.